✿JapanCandyBox unboxing+giveaway❤

Hi guys!! ❤

This time I bring you a different unboxing, of japancandybox ❤❤❤
..which means..

I made a video if you want to see (it’s more detailed)*

I was kinda stressed when thinking about recording this because I couldn’t figure out which setup will be better to show the candies and then I came to my country house for a few days (cause Easter) and it became even more tricky (..and to help, here the internet is really slow*)image
Also ran out of battery more than once and don’t have a tripod so I apologize for differences when recording but it was beyond me.. *rolls*

Noooowwww…to the unboxing/review of the candiesimage!!!
Suites デコメ of emoticons ★ ~ ~ did I きゃSuites デコメ of emoticons ★ ~ ~ did I きゃSuites デコメ of emoticons ★ ~ ~ did I きゃSuites デコメ of emoticons ★ ~ ~ did I きゃSuites デコメ of emoticons ★ ~ ~ did I きゃSuites デコメ of emoticons ★ ~ ~ did I きゃSuites デコメ of emoticons ★ ~ ~ did I きゃ

This box was January Box, I got it near the end of February (a month ish of shipping time) but only now got the time to actually open it and review Image of emoticons ('◉ *hides*
Also all the products had a long expiring date so there was no problem Image of emoticons ('◉

First thing you see when you open the box is the amount of candy and the sweet messages in the inside (like for example “sweetness has arrived” ~)
I actually openned it the wrong way (i’m hopeless image) but still showed all this details in the video*

Inside you could find 10 candies () and a list with the names of them (with a cute note saying “Sweet Valentine” which makes sense since the box arrived in February*)

click the photos to see with more quality and also my oppinion about each one ♥
デコメ image of Pic

I want to thank japancandybox for this opportunity, it was something that I really enjoyed since I really like all that’s related to Japan and have a soft side for candy/sweets

If you want to try and win a box full of japanese candies just click the link (edited ~ it’s over, thank you!)
❤ giveaway link ❤


I hope you enjoyed this post (and the video if you watched~) and feel free to comment what seems the best candy and/or if you have any favorite that you tasted in a box like mine or in an event, for example ~

Also feedback is always welcome so don’t feel shy ok? ハート の画像

Thank you for reading


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