Expocosmética 2016

Hi guys デコメ of face emoticons

So on the 4th of April I had the opportunity to go to Expocosmética at Exponor (Porto, Portugal) which is a type of fair/convention for professionals in the market of beauty (hair, nails, make up, etc.) and body treatments ~

*my vlog of Expocosmética, hope you enjoy it imageimageimage*

It was my first time there and I was really curious, especially since I’m trying to get into more things related to make up (I’m getting girly )

The space was the same as in Comic Con Portugal so it was really full with stands and I saw a lot of brands and products! …I admit, I was kinda lost in there.

I only went in the morning of the last day but I still got time to see it all, since at that time there wasn’t many people, unfortenatly, since this was something new for me, I didn’t ask for any samplesimage (from what I saw after, some brands where giving them but they weren’t displayed image) and I didn’t look for anything in particular since I just really wanted to look around and see if I could find somewhere where they showed some techniques for make up or similar
And I actually only found that place near the end, on the same spot of the stand of NYX I’m really curious to know when and where they are going to open since I’m dying to buy one – or more – of their lipsticks!image

Anyboo, I still managed in that time to get one, yes, one, nail done with a kind of nail varnish gel. It looked pretty but again, it was just a try  where they only did one nail (which I learned only at the end image) ~

Image7 1

Moving on, The Pink House was having a great sale with products starting at 1€ so I went to have a look with my sister, this was the only time where I actually took some time to see the prices and the products

I got the only thing that I bought at Expocosmética there: a lip stick gloss of a really cute pink color ~
It cost me 1.50€ and I couldn’t really make it work all by himself so I added my KIKO lip pencil (709) to make it look better デコメ image of PicImage of emoticons ('◉

What do you think, looks good? image I’m actually really pleased with the color since I’m trying to get lipsticks with more color and that last more so, ye, together with the lip pencil, I managed to get a nice and lasting color image

And that’s pretty much everything about the fair image
Let me know if you liked this post and also, if you went to Expocosmética aswell, tell me what you enjoyed the most and if you bought anything ハート の画像

Thank you for reading


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