EUL 2016 | Portugal

Hi guys

Last weekend was EUL (E-University League) here in Portugal, at Exponor, and it was organized by Clickfiel, with the sponsors help, which made and amazing work to create a really organized event and with an amazing stage… AMAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNG!!!image
The screens, besides having a really cool shape,  had interactions!!! image
Each time a turret was destroyed, the screen would show an animation of it crumbling.
Drake was done? Flames everywhere.
Baron? Poison and even the fangs bitting would show up!!!

I thought that last year it was already pretty good but I was completly surprised this year! It was definitly the best eSports event in Portugal so far Deco-mail pictograms (no title)  Deco-mail pictograms (no title)

As for what I did? I was there as a guest, to entertain, show some cosplay and also help with the giveaways デコメ image of Pic
It was a pleasure to be on stage again, thank you for that, I loved it
I hope to be able to do that again soonimage

I’ll now leave you with some photos that I took and also with my vlog imageimage

Hope you like it

Thank you for reading


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