IberAnime LX 2016

Hi guys

So IberAnime is a japanese culture event that we have here in Portugal and it took place at Parque das Nações, Lisbon, this past 7th and 8th of May Deco-mail pictograms (no title)

I usually go to this event every year but only in the Oporto edition because it’s closer to where I live but this time I was invited to be there as one of the guest streamers for For The Win eSports Club and so I went to the event in Lisbon for the first time image

Vlog video imageimage

this time I tried harder to record myself and talk more, hope you enjoy it!

We went on saturday morning and arrived around 12h30 there. The main problem for us to be this late (we were planning on arriving around 11h) because it was rainning like crazy and then, once in the capital, we discovered the main highway was cut because of a cycling event (like, really?) and so we had to go for the long way that, of course, had trafic because of all the above imageimage

Anyway! Finally there I rushed to the main stage, which we luckly found pretty fast, to see the finals of CWM (Cosplay World Master) and we were able to see around half the contest and also the two portuguese representants so our delay wasn’t so bad image

After that I want to find FTW’s stand to say that I had arrived, etc etc. and it was impossible. The event was sooooo crowded on that day that you had a line just to move. Not joking. I felt very frustrated because of that imagebut luckly my day improved

I had planned to cosplay, on this day, my version of Popstar Pikachu but ended up spending the day in my casual clothes and FTW’s tshirt because they wanted me to record some interviews with the public and it made more sense to be like that ハート の画像

While I was at FTW’s stand, just talking with everyone and having a fun time I was sometimes asked to take pictures and even give autographs and that made me feel really special Deco-mail pictograms (no title)image

And then, I had a really big surprise
One of my viewers and, also sub, showed up to, not only say “hi” but also to give me a present ..and not just any present!!! image
An official League of Legends chibi figure of Lulu.
Like. Really? REALLY???? image
It was…amazing and overwhelming and ye, no words can express what that meant to me. Just a simple present would have made my day but it was something that’s expensive and all! There was no need to waste money with me, just because, so yeah….. It’s those random things that you don’t expect and just put a huge smile in your face デコメ of emoticons emoticons 〓 ~ っ

Thank you soooo much, again, ReaLL, for that and also for the Poro Lulu pin that you added as an extra, you are crazy kind image


After I got myself together from that moment, I went to do the interviews ~
I found this really interesting and was excited about it!image
They wanted us, streamers, to interact with some people, asking about their cosplays and things like that and then… I asked if they would like to get an interview with Reika, the amazing Reika, which was the guest of this event and they were like “oh ye, that would be awesome” …and so I went in a journey to find her in the staff zone

This part was really funny, “in search of Reika“, we ended up meeting her after some empty rooms and she glady gave us a mini interview
I was feeling as if I was in DisneyLand, I was soooo happy!!!!
It was trully an honor to be able to talk with her and even take a photo (of course I would ask! ..specially since I knew it would be hard to go the the meet&greet and get her autograph and all that image)

Once that was done, we recorded more things but that definitly was a special moment for me image

(FTW’s video  with my interview in it and also my quest to find Reika in the bloppers ~
it’s in portuguese though*)

And that was pretty much of saturday

On sunday I went with my Nao Tomori cosplay, from the anime Charlotte (I recommend if you haven’t watched) but unfortenatly it was with a similiar wig and not the correct one because that is still stuck in the costums, god knows why image

Since I had done my job with the interviews on the first day, I could actually take today to roam a bit, record some images for my vlog (since my camera also runned out of battery on saturday – my fault /shot) and ye, just be there with everyone

The high moment of this day was the concert of Blasted Mechanism, I knew them but never had the chance to watch them live and damn, what a crazy and amazing show

 It was really awesome and also a good way to relax before the trip back to Oporto, on the same day image

We so much to do I didn’t much time to buy things for me, and I have a tradition of at least always buying a Banana flavoured pocky that I couldn’t keep, but I still manage to bring somethings home image

13219820_10153595546378806_611342760_n copy copy

Lots of pretty cards, from artists mainly, a jacket from G2A for me and gift cards to giveaway in the stream (thank you so much! image), my new tshirt from FTW, the gifted Lulu figure (idonteven) and I bought 2 stickets! That was it, 2 adorable stickers, one of Kero, from Card Captor Sakura and other of super cute Poros image

It was a different weekend with a lot of good moments image
I’m trully thankful for having the opportunity to be there as a guest and for having such an amazing company and also…
For all the fans that came to say “hi”, it meant the world to me, thank you from the heart for your support

Now I’m hoping the Oporto edition, in October?, can be as good and, possibily, better! image

Thank you for reading


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