Animecon 2016

Hi guys image

So last year I got the second place, together with Bruna, at Portugal WCS eliminatory @IberAnime, in October (Oporto edition) with our Atelier cosplay, and that second place allowed us to go represent Portugal in the C4 competition (Clara’s Cow Cosplay Cup)

IMG_9761 edit 1

We were really happy for having a chance to go outside represent Portugal, even thought our first goal was trying to go to WCS, getting this prize (that was announced like 10 minutes before we preformed) was amazing! image

Vlog of the event – one video for each day imageimage

Part 1 ~
Part 2 ~
Part 3 ~

– F R I D A Y –

So, after a lot of stress, as cosplay making always has, on the 9th of June I was ready to travel to Lisbon to meet with Bruna, since we were having our flight there and it was at 6am (check in at 4am)  image

I arrived at Lisbon and we still made some final touches to Bruna’s cosplay and puff, it was time to go the airport

On the way to Netherlands we also had to stop in France to switch the plane (I thought we were going to miss it because it was sooo confusing and when we arrived it was already check in hours, luckly it was all good and we still waited around 30min to get in)

Since we had this early schedule + event + competition, we were pretty sure we weren’t going to be able to sleep much, but it was such an unique opportunity that we just had to make it work

We were the last team to arrive at the airport in Netherlands (there really weren’t that many flights which kinda sucked..) and we had 2 other teams with us + staff members from C4 and even a cosplay judge

They were all really friendly and our anxiety quickly disappeared. And that taxi driver was the funniest image
We also slept in the way to the hotel/convetion (they were in the same building, how awesome is that???) so, that was nice

The weather was sunny but it wasn’t as hot as in Portugal image

Once in the hotel, we took our bags to our room and then had a fast tour around the event/backstage and also had to record our introduction video for the contest (we had to record around 30 seconds talking about us but we couldn’t really think of something for that time and the tech actually added the extra part of me with potato face asking if that was good … I heard them laughing while we waiting to perform  *sniff* problem btw but he could have warned me since he said it didn’t had to be that time, he could simply increase the time displaying the photos to compensate)

And that was pretty much all we had to do on friday so, after that, we went to rest a bit and then went to watch the cosplay competitions of that day (ECG and another one) and all were really amazing image

After the competition we had a meeting with all the cosplayers for C4 to have a brief discussion about saturday and once it ended, we went to have dinner and rehearse on our own*
The meeting ended up already late so we went to rehearse aroud 1am, while everyone was already resting, but we need to practice since me and Bruna are from different cities and didn’t had the chance before to check timings with both present.
When going to our room before the practice we also realized there was this room that pretty much was a ball. It was amazing!!!imageAnd it finally made sense why we were seeing so many cosplays of ball gowns!
The songs were on point (Macarena and all!) and everyone seemed like they were having a really good time
If we had more time I would have definitly returned there with my cosplay!

We practiced a lot and we were really proud how we got all the timing right.
Overall we were really pleased with our skit Heart.  Deco-mail pictograms of

When we were going back to the hotel we passed through one of the rooms displaying anime in the convention so we took a sneak pic… and guess what…?
Berserk was showing.
For those that don’t know me, I have a huge thing for Berserk! The story is freaking awesome!! And I got all hyped cause they were displaying the last movie

..Unfortenatly we caught the last 2 minutes or something *rolls*
None the less helped me remember that it was out and, as by the time I wrote this, I had already watched the movies image

Anddddd… once it ended, they put another anime showing.. 1st episode.. looked interesting…. watched the 4 episodes (till 5am LOL) while Bruna went to sleep after the 2nd..
It was Re:Zero and I was enjoying the story sooo much that I really wanted to watch!… image
Luckly they changed the anime after the 4th episode, otherwise I would have collapsed

I was obviously super tired on saturday but..WORTH

– S A T U R D A Y –

C4 DAY!!!

Ok, so we had the official rehearsal at like 9h50 so we woke up close to that hour, went to rehearse, the timings were on point *proud* but our scenery was too unstable so one of the gophers offered hers from the day before, so we just had to cover it with our black fabric and tadaaaaaaa, perfect! It was really kind and I also ended up asking her, later, if she could help me switch clothes on stage (just unzip one dress and zip the other) cause that way it would make things much easier ~

After we had breakfast, I went to rest a bit again (I only slept like 3 hours, give me a break) and theeeennn we went backstage with everything to get ready for the pre judging and contest

I was soooo freaking nervous once we got changed..
Excited but really nervous!

For the cosplay competition we decided to do “Beauty and the Beast” , we wanted people to know or at least recognize the story so we thought Disney was a good pick and that this story would have a good impact because of the clothes and props

Everyone was loving Bruna’s cosplay of the Beast but she was also dying with the heat.
Luckly Roy, forever now known as our official FAN-BOY, got us a hugeeee fan, the ones that they use on stage!, to help Bruna cool while we waited
It was awesome!!!

Our skit was basically interact with the rose prop, then I would go in the back and change while Bruna would be talking about how she wanted to break her curse and that the ball need to go well, while wearing a cape.
After that she would go in the back, remove the cape and show the ball clothes and say basically like “it’s almost time”
Then the clock would show up (both prop + in the video) and after me and Bruna would show up all pretty and do an adorable dance, that would end like in the movie, with me cuddling her and then leaving the scene together with a fade light in the rose image

It was our time.
The rose wasn’t in the right place but we worked with it.
It was going all well but, something happened.
As I went fast to the back, behind the scenery to change, my zipper from the blue dress was ripped off while the gopher was helping me undress but it was ok, I wasn’t going to use it for now so I kept doing what I was suppost too, to dress on time.
I was hearing the skit and only my gloves were missing, it was all in the right time! But then.. I hear the gopher say that the ball dress wouldn’t go down (so basically the white of the underskirt was showing off) and she goes like “It doesn’t fit!!!” and I’m just WHAAAAAAAAA image… ofc the dress fitted. I had tried it, I knew my dress.
I still don’t understand how she couldn’t help me get the “skirt part” down.. but time was ticking and I tried to fix it as good as I could and even said “f*ck it” to the gloves…
I had to go on stage…
So I went.
We improvised the last part. Our epic entrance with the ball clothes and dance was pretty much none since it had to be so fast because it was almost in the “cuddle part”…

We saved the performance but I was not happy. It wasn’t on time, I wasn’t with everything (gloves missing) and there was still a part of the underskirt showing off…
If anything, I hope I can redo the skit again, one day, to make some justice to it.

After that I depressed a little in the backstage… and then we went to see the rest of the contestants*
On the way, to the audience, we actually saw A.K. Wirru , the cosplay guest, and we took a quick selfie with him ~
He is really a nice and kind person!

The final and winners were Netherlands, with a Deadpool skit.
It was hilarious!!


Watching all the skits and then ending with this epicness trully boosted me up (and people also telling us that we looked amazing helped*)Deco-mail pictograms (no title)

We went back to the backstage, took an elevator selfie since everyone was going there at the same time and also took some photos of my ball gown since I only had officials of the blue dress (unfortenatly my wig was a bit of a mess by then)

After that it was the long awaited Fripside’s concert!
I couldn’t record because of policies (you can see a quick footage of the crowd on video part 2*) but it was crazy!!!
That crowd was just like in Japan (using Vocaloids’ concert as reference), all sincronyzed with their glowing sticks and chanting.. it was out of this world!
And that voice… Fripside’s singer was simply amazing Deco-mail pictograms of Heart

And to end this day, we had a backstage party! But shower was a must before that
The backstage party was really nice to just chat with everyone, relax after the pressure of competing, enchange coscards (me and Bruna unfortenatly didn’t have time to make some), eat a lot of snacks and also share with them Pastéis de Nata (that was what we got for the other cosplayers), everyone loved it! Deco-mail pictograms (no title)

Since pretty much everyone from C4, staff, guests and artists were there, I got the chance to take a photo with Fripside’s singer


I also made everyone dance without music. Just because.
It was pretty fun ~

Once we had eaten all the bad food, taken all the photos and talked about all kind of nonsense, we went to bed, since we needed to rest image

– S U N D A Y –

And there it was, the final day.
We woke up soooo tired!
I rushed down stairs while Bruna was still geting ready and managed to get us some breakfast even though it ended at 11am (I got there at 11h03)
We ate, packaged our bags, took them to backstage where we could let them be till our taxi hour (we were going to leave around 17h30) and then we went around the event, had lunch and went to buy somethings before leaving

I ended up buying a Pichu figure (really small though) and a Pikachu with a Charmander coat/cosplay as a keychan (like the plushie that I have)

They are super adorable!!!
And I regret not buying more things


We also saw Wirru again and I got a coscard signed by him and with an extra… it was the funniest thing!!!

I tried Bubble Tea (thank you Matt!!) and it was sooo weird… but soooo good!!!  image
I had strawberry tea with mango bubbles

After we went to pick our bags at the backstage, we saw Kevin (one of the judges) there and I decided to take a photo with him since he was really kind with us (we ended up having everyone in the room photobombing, including Wirru)


It was a funny memory to end the event ~
We said goodbye to everyone and then went to our taxi image

We pretty much went to the airport with the same taxi driver and cosplay teams as in the first day… I couldn’t believe how time flied (euh).

Once in the airport I was kinda shocked how pretty much everything was “self-service”.. we had to be the ones doing the check in and sending our bags of with the help of machines. It wasn’t hard but I missed that human interaction.
The “scans” looked also really futuristic! As if it was like a cloning machine (at least for me)

We all had no problem getting through security but I was one of the random searches that they do (I had my small backpack with me + camera). The person checking my belongings was probably around my age and really nice. He stared at me and asked me my age, to which I answer “22” e he thought I was joking (I was also using my two bows in my hair so that probably also helped me look younger) until he actually grabbed my ID, that was together with my belongings, and confirmed it.
He asked me where I was from and what I ate to be like this  I told him I was from Portugal and that I ate pretty much standart.
He was still shocked when I left, it was really a funny moment

We made some time in the airport (we were boarding around 20h I think), ate some snacks and then eventually the cosplayers that were with us started to go away until me and Bruna were the only ones there

It was sad to finally leave. We had an amazing weekend and met amazing persons.
I wish we could have more time there, with everyone デコメ of emoticons emoticons 〓 ~ っ

And I trully hope to be able to return one day to Animecon and also to be able to see everyone (be it there or anywhere)

Thank you IberAnime for the chance to go and thank you to everyone, staff, cosplayers, new friends, for everything. We trully felt at home and made wonderful memories!!!


Miss you already image

Hope you enjoyed this entry, I tried to explain the best as I could and I hope you liked the photos!! image
If you can go, I completly recommend the event

Thank you for reading


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