RoleCosplay Firecracker Jinx ~ Wig review

Hi guys image

Today I bring you a wig review from RoleCosplay

Review video with unboxing and first reactions imageimage

This was my first contact with this store! They allowed me to pick a wig from their list and I found this Firecracker Jinx wig and thought it would be a fun wig to have and also a really strong potencial cosplay!
I really didn’t want to get a wig to stay in a corner getting dust so I took that in consideration


I got a huge problem getting this from costums, when I ordered it, because there were some problems with managements at the time   – their problem, not RoleCosplay or mine, so this took a while to actually reach me but the standart shipping is around one month ~
Special shoutout here to RoleCosplay for being patient and understanding the problem, it was really easy to communicate with them

The wig arrived in a cardboard box type package (really sturdy) that had L-email wig brand in large size, I’m guessing that’s because that’s RoleCosplay’s sister store that also sells wigs and that probably, when you order wigs, they all come from there.


Also! I have a 10% discount code if you are interest in buying something  image
Besides wigs, you can also find cosplays and acessories Deco-mail pictograms (no title)

– R E V I E W –

As you can see from the image, the wig is already styled and the photos that you see here have zero styling done by me, this is what you get and it looks pretty nice ハート の画像
I do recommend try to fix a bit the bang on the top to make it look more natural and not so stiff ~

DSCN2119 blog copy

It doesn’t seem to have much fibber, I noticed it more in the area of the bang but the bang does cover it up and since the wig color base is black, it will never be that noticeable so it’s not such a big deal
and same goes for the front part, even though it’s not a lace front wig, you can’t really tell the difference unless you reallyyyyy try look with attention

The wig size stated in the website says that the wig is 140cm long, I didn’t measure but I’m 155 and the wig went bellow my knees so I’m guessing it’s pretty much the correct size
Because of this, the wig is heavy! Even if the ponytails aren’t puffy! So I do recommend you securing it (or similar wigs) well, to make sure that they don’t fall image

DSCN2098 blog copy

The red fabric part seems decent but if you move it around to much it starts to loose it’s place so I would recommend some extra attention to that and, at the bottom, the fabric is also cut a bit in a rushed away and glue, so maybe covering that better would give it a clean touch (but you can simply turn that part to yourself when taking photos*)

I didn’t notice this when I made the video but, while making this review I realized that the wig that doesn’t have the yellow acessories that the image shows at the top and bottom of the ponytails.. which kinda made me sad.. I also didn’t find any note saying those were not included
There was a free wig cap thoughimage
– F I N A L     S C O R E –

Costumer Service ❤❤❤❤❤
Shipping ❤❤❤❤ (remember, the wig got to my country in standart time, the rest was bad luck)
Quality ❤❤❤❤
Color ❤❤❤❤❤
Accuracy ❤❤❤❤♥ ( 4.5 ~ missing the acessories)

All thought I give this wig a
7 / 10
Because, although I would like a bit more of fibber, the main problems that I found are simple things that you can easily correct and, has you can see in the photos and video, you can perfectly use the wig as you get it, without any extra styling required image ~
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment

Thank you for reading


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